Meet Judge Chantelle Porter

Who is Judge Chantelle Porter?

Family Legacy of Democratic Service

Chantelle Porter's journey to becoming a Circuit Court Judge is rooted in a family legacy of Democratic values. Raised in a household committed to public service, her parents, Herb and Eva Porter, exemplified dedication to community, shaping Chantelle's commitment to justice.

Early Years and Aspirations

From her youth, Chantelle embraced democratic ideals, joining the College Dems, advocating for education equality, and participating in the March on Washington. Her passion for justice led her to law school, where she contributed to the Obama Senate campaign and served as an election attorney for Tammy Duckworth.

A Journey to Justice

After completing law school, Chantelle began her career as a Public Guardian, advocating for children in the foster care system. She later became a DuPage County Public Defender, overseeing the Juvenile Division. Her commitment to supporting children and families continued when she transitioned to private practice as a partner at A. Traub & Associates. In this role, Chantelle represented children in various legal matters, including child welfare, juvenile justice, and highly contested divorce cases.

After practicing law for 17 years, Chantelle had the opportunity to fulfill her childhood dream. She was chosen by Supreme Court Justice Mary Kay O'Brien and unanimously appointed by the Supreme Court of Illinois to fill a vacancy in the DuPage County Court. Currently serving as a judge in DuPage County, she opted for the Juvenile Division, presiding over cases related to juvenile justice and child welfare. Her extensive legal experience has provided her with a profound understanding of the complexities of the law.

Chantelle's Vision for Positive Change

Running for Circuit Court Judge, Chantelle is driven by the Democratic principles instilled in her. Her vision, shaped by family values, aims to bring positive change to the community. Your support is crucial on March 19th during the Democratic primary.

Take Action: Support Judge Chantelle

Visit to learn more about Chantelle's campaign. For inquiries, email Your vote on March 19th will make a difference in her journey to advocate for justice.


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