Chantelle's Legal Experience

Chantelle is the right person for the job

Throughout Chantelle's 17 year legal career, Chantelle has consistently advocated for the rights of the marginalized and underrepresented. She actively promotes social justice and inclusivity. She believes in protecting civil rights, addressing systemic inequalities, and ensuring access to justice for all.

Chantelle champions restorative justice over punitive measures, emphasizing diversion programs for non-violent offenders. Her focus extends beyond the courtroom, seeking alternative sentencing options like counseling, education, community service, and vocational training to address the root causes of behaviors.

In just one year on the bench, Chantelle has already initiated transformative changes. She took her entire courtroom, including state attorneys and public defenders, to visit a facility serving the children within her jurisdiction. Her aim is clear – to ensure every child receives the care they deserve and that any gaps in services are promptly addressed.

Chantelle envisions a holistic approach, going beyond the conventional methods of child protection. She recognizes the need for comprehensive family support systems, advocating for access to high-quality healthcare, mental health services, substance abuse treatment, and educational opportunities.

Now, more than ever, we need judges with a sincere desire to reshape our courts, ensuring impartial and fair justice for everyone who enters their courtroom. Chantelle embodies that drive and vision, committed to making the courthouse a better place for every person who walks through its doors.


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